Neon Hope X Cinta The Label


Mindful Ready To Wear brand Cinta The Label has launched it’s collaboration with upcoming optimistic lifestyle brand Neon Hope.


Born from a shared love of understanding life is journey and will only get better the Cinta The Label and Neon Hope collaboration was created.


The intricate sunglasses chain which bares a smiley face symbol and #KeepRising #KeepSmiling aims to give you hope and prosperity through out your every day. The collaboration launched in Sydney, Australia with beautiful brunch on the Bondi Icebergs.


The collaboration features sunglasses with a Cinta The Label smiley face print case and a sunglasses chain which encompasses three powerful elements signifying prosperity. The sunglasses are available in five colorways including yellow, black and white and the chain is available in three colorways which include rose gold (14 carat plated), yellow gold (14 carat plated) and sterling silver.