1. Cover your mouth and nose with the mask.
2. Your mask should fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face.
3. Adjust the ear loops as needed.
4. Wash after use. (machine wash delicate 30°C/86°F, dry flat naturally & iron back into shape)




Attach the chain on the small plastic ring on then end of the ear loop or at the front of the elastic near the mask. Totally up to you. 




This can be used in many ways, attach the chain to each side of the envelope or attach both clasps to one side. Carry cross body or around the waist. The envelope used for your mask, credit cards & even your airpods.




Put the long chain through the tube, then attach the mask using the small plastic rings. Slide the tube over the mask when not needed. You can secure the mask inside the tube by attaching the clasps to the metals rings in the tube. Wear around neck or across body.