Neon Hope was born with a sunrise and founded on a belief: that every day holds new promise.
Is there anything so encouraging, so uplifting, as watching a new day break? As the rest of the world only just starts to stir, the few who find themselves outside and tuned in at this earliest point are united. They own the light. Up all night or welcoming a new day, travelling to another land or simply sitting still to contemplate the evolving colours of the sky… the emerging sun delivers fresh ambition, optimism and energy. Every time.
British design, London style. Neon Hope is about more than protection from ultra-violet rays. And more than just a cool look. Yes, UV filters come as standard and yes, we design to inspire. But we also believe in the power of the sun beyond its glare; as a source of nourishment and vitality, and a force that helps us to grow. It’s the inspiration behind our ethos, and the muse to our designs.
Just as no two dawn skies are identical, the glorious individuality of each and every one of us is truly something to celebrate. Accessories designed to wear through the day, and carry through the night, Neon Hope is for those who break the mould on a daily basis, who rise with attitude and authenticity no matter what.