WHAT: We are gifting the above rainbow of our brightest Sulis sunglasses to UK essential workers that are keeping us all rising during these uncertain times.


HOW: We will be gifting 20 pairs of our bright Sulis sunglasses to show our appreciation for these people. For the next four weeks we will be gifting 5 pairs each week, each Friday there will be a post on @neonhope on Instagram on which you will need to follow or like and then tag a person you want to nominate on the rainbow post and tell us why. The winners will be contacted the following Thursday.  



WHY: A note from Victoria, our Founder:

"I had thought long and hard about how we can best help during this pandemic. We are a new 2 person company and unfortunately don't have the resources to make donations or help make protective items that are needed right now. So I had concluded the best thing we could do was to stay home to help keep people safe.

Then during a daily walk over Easter I got so moved by pictures of rainbows in the windows in my area and the meaning behind them. I then realised that we should and could do something.
Our brand is inspired by the sunrise and on the idea that we should always keep rising. We know that regardless of what has happened the day before that the sun will always rise, bringing with it fresh hope and opportunity each and every day.
I felt so connected to the rainbow message of hope and realised that I had been staring at the solution in my home studio all along and this #keeprising🌈 idea was born. It's our super small way of saying thank you and helping to spread positive vibes to those who really deserve it."


TERMS: We are focusing on UK frontline workers only so only UK based nominations are valid. Frontline workers include anyone that is keeping our communities rising; whether this be health workers, care workers, delivery people, supermarket workers, teachers, basically anyone helping to keep the wheels going around during these times. You can only nominate someone once but feel free to nominate as many people as you like. We will be selecting the winners each week and the sunglasses will be sent by tracked Royal Mail post from our home London studio. The sunglasses will all come with a leather case and a chain, check out what they will be gifted here. 

CONTACT: For more information or if you have any questions at all, you can email us at info@neonhope.com.