behind the collab

"EDGE" embodies the convergence of two brands and the brilliance of pushing beyond comfort zones.

Victoria (Neon Hope) and Kiki (Kikiito) crossed paths for the first time in 2019 during London Fashion Week. Fate had placed our respective brands side by side at a concept store nestled in Covent Garden.

This collaboration serves as a tribute to the notion that pushing boundaries, embracing risks, and venturing into uncharted territory can give birth to extraordinary creations. Crafted in the heart of London, our limited edition bag embodies a commitment to sustainability at every stage of its creation.

It is a gateway to a realm where traditional craftsmanship harmonises with cutting-edge technology, redefining the very essence of luxury and paying homage to the skilled artisans who make it all possible.

behind the brands


Neon Hope, born with a sunrise, stands on the belief that every day offers fresh promise.

We're a British accessories brand for the bold, the attitudinal, and the ever-moving.

Just as each sunrise paints a unique picture, we embrace the individuality within us all.

Our passionate mission: daily nurturing of mental and emotional well-being.

behind the brands


KIKIITO is a London based luxury brand founded by Japanese born designer Kiki Ito. Fascinated by the simplicity behind contemporary art and architecture, Kiki brings this philosophy into her own limited collections, where every piece remains authentic and personal.

The brand was created with the vision to empower people to stay true to themselves and embrace their individuality.